Toyota GR HV Sports Concept to Be Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota is planning to unveil Toyota GR HV Sports concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. This concept is close to Toyota 86 with different interior specifications like gearbox and a hybrid powertrain.

It has a hybrid engine and a Targa roof. Toyota GR HV Sports concept has two seats. The rear haunches of this car resemble the 1965 Sports 800 version. It has a cool diffuser at back and LED lights dressed up in the front.

The interior looks of the car are quite weird. It has an H pattern shifter, which can be found in any manual transmission model. Once you put it in the manual mode, you can change the gears without clutch.

The battery is mounted in the middle of the car and the power is sent to rear wheels. Today Toyota has officially announced that it is going to bring the sports car concept to the Tokyo Motor Show. This car is a final nod to final generation Toyota Supra that has thrown a tough challenge to the engineers of BMW and Porsche.

The hybrid powertrain and the diffuser concepts are taken from Toyota TS050, which is currently one of the best race cars in the world championships.

Until the car’s official release, Toyota will not reveal about the performance of the engine. The only thing, which was officially announced by Toyota, was that the car has a full sense of driving involvement because of its H pattern.