7 Pokémon Fan Games You Need to Try

If you’re over spending time with friends, doing homework, and trying to make something of your life, have we got a new time-waster for you — Pokémon fan games! Using the Essentials kit, Pokémon fans with talent, time, and coding skills have created their own versions of the beloved game. Put down Fallout 4, slap on that trainer hat, and get back to battling! GOTTA PLAY ‘EM ALL!

Three years ago, Mew was discovered on Pokémon Island. Since then, the island has become a premiere destination for trainers from all over the world. Choose between eight different characters and play six different minigames. There’s no linear storyline, but you’ll have lots of fun challenges.

Reborn City is a dark, crime-filled metropolis that needs a hero (you!). There are awesome new Field Effects for you to explore. Battle your way to restoring the city.

This challenging fan game was created by YouTuber SuperJanBr and inspired by Pokémon Reborn. In it, you are the child of Pop Idol Yancy and must uncover what has destroyed the formerly peaceful Aevium region.

Enough of mindlessly filling up your Pokédex — now you can focus on character development! This game has lots of different endings based on your decisions. You could end up being the in the military, becoming the Safari Zone Warden, or even leading the Elite Four.